Ok so I needed to try at least keep some fitness up for the big M.T. hike but battled to find some time. So this past Sunday I looked for the steepest sections in Shakespeare Park and trotted them out.

Distance: 6.07 km,Time:1h 10m, Elevation Gain: 185 m

And 1h 10m later I had worked up a decent sweat, while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of God's creation; it is definitely a blessing to have this park right on our doorstep.

Starting at the big Picture Frame, I walked down towards the main parking area and then up the steep, gravel path to the viewing tower.

Past the viewing tower and then down into the first dip.

Then up through the dip, to the top of the next hill.

Down the hill, into the the campsite and back, up to the picture frame (you will need to do the walk yourself if you would like to see the picture frame 😎)

The theme of this walk was "UP".

And of course what is the perfect way to end such a day?

But with Coke Zero, Sweet Chilli chips and Pad Thai 😀