Ok, so the point of this blog is to focus on our hikes in the South Island, but as we live in the North, our training will generally not be taking place down south.

So what is all this training talk about? Well on the 11th of May (weather and health permitting) my son-in-law and I will be walking up Mount Taranaki. Given it is the 2nd highest mountain on the North Island, coming in at 2,518 metres I thought I had better start getting myself into shape.

So today I headed off after Church to do a variation of my usual Shakespeare Park route.

Distance - 13.03 km Time - 2H 12M 48S

The weather was not great but at least a pleasant temperature to walk in. The first 3km confirmed that I would need to do more of these walks if I wanted to be ready from the rather intense hike up Taranaki; also my feet told me that I need to get my new hiking boots walked in a little more.

"One" marks the location of the viewing tower

As the purpose of the walk was to kick myself back into shape, there was only a brief stop to take a video of the view from the top before pushing on again.


Music by Zakhar Valaha from Pixabay

Finally home: tired, sore but satisfied. The first of more 😎.

Yes we still need to do something about the "US Mail" part and the weeds in the lawn!