The day started just perfect on a beautiful Queenstown autumn day; bright and sunny with a cool, crisp breeze. With excitement our granddaughters got themselves ready for the highly anticipated day - their first proper Queenstown hike.

Leaving our Alpine Village Air B&B we headed out for the Remarkables Ski Fields. As it was out of season there was a $15 entrance fee (great value for getting access to such a great spot).

The hike starts out pretty steep but is well marked out and once through the first kilometer, is an easy walk.

The lake suddenly appears as you walk in over the last rise and is always a lovely sight.

We had initially planned to cook some pasta on a camping stove as well as enjoy some hiking smoothies but we arrived too early for lunch, and so after a brief rest we decided to see how much higher we would be able to go and so pressed on. Well speaking of food, it is worth noting that the Queenstown Pak 'n Save has an impressive range of branded dehydrated hiking food, at reasonable prices.

Ten to twenty meters above the lake, there were patches of snow that had survived the last snowfall a week or so back, which we decided to explore further. It was not exactly soft snow but none-the-less fun to play. The girls took great joy in throwing snowballs at me 😀.

We decided to press on higher. We got to a small saddle with the usual lovely Queenstown view after which the girls were tired and so we decided to turn around and head back home.

And walking down was a breeze; well for most of us it was😎.

All in all it was a good morning during which energies were well spent.